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Bourjeily G. Pulmonary Problems in Pregnancy

Pulmonary Problems in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is associated with physiologic changes that help compensate for the increasing demands of the fetus and placenta. Clinically, pregnancy acts as a stress test that unmasks maternal disease and may have long term implications for maternal and fetal health. General obstetricians are often hesitant to care for complex medical problems, and internists to care for pregnant patients, which may create a gap into which sick pregnant women will fall at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Bronson R. The Male role in pregnancy loss and embryo implantation failure

The Male role in pregnancy loss and embryo implantation failure

Novel topics compiled in this one-of-a-kind volume provide tantalizing hints for clinical application through future translational research. Only recently have we come to ask what role the male might play in pregnancy loss and embryo implantation failure, beyond contributing an abnormal set of paternal chromosomes at fertilization. This volume explores the recent evidence that these conditions might also be related to the transmission of previously unrecognized chromosomal micro-deletions and duplications, or via the epigenetic dysregulation of early embryonic gene function by spermatozoal microRNAs or alterations in sperm DNA methylation patterning, or by DNA damage secondary to either reactive oxygen species or environmental toxicants. In addition, the composition of seminal plasma has been found to be highly complex, containing many factors that play important roles in altering the uterine environment and the female immune system permissive of embryo implantation and trophectoderm outgrowth leading to successful pregnancy. Coverage includes an examination of both spermatozoa and seminal fluid component factors.

Bucknam R. On becoming Babywise

On becoming Babywise

Distinguished pediatrician Dr Robert Bucknam, M.D. and co-author Gary Ezzo are two of the world’s leading experts on baby sleep and feeding patterns. Millions of new mothers across the globe are coming toward this new brand at an increasing pace as they find and share the life changing success they are achieving with their newborns. This updated Anniversary edition celebrates 25 years with Bucknam and Ezzo’s groundbreaking approach which has found favor with over six million parents in all 50 states and has been translated into 20 languages around the world.

Cahill D. J. Practical Patient Management

Practical Patient Management

This text will provide doctors both in training and in practice with useful advice on managing women and men who are having trouble conceiving and couples with infertility and related disorders. Its combination of scientific information and practical advice for tackling problematic cases make this an accessible handy reference in outpatient clinics or in revision for professional exams, as well as a fully referenced information resource.

Chandroo M. S. J. Manual of instruments in obstetric and gynecological nursing

Manual of instruments in obstetric and gynecological nursing

The book aims to serve the dual purpose of helping the nursing/midwifery students to pass in their examinations with flying colours as well as assisting the fresh graduates to acquire skills in this field where they are going to practise. It contains a coherent and comprehensive description of instruments related to obstetric and gynecological nursing. The description is well supported by neat illustrations of the instruments. All the chapters have been defined and explained. Written in a simple language and lucid style, it covers almost all the instruments in the field of obstetric and gynecological nursing. This will help in imparting more knowledge to auxiliary nurse midwives as well as the students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in nursing.

Chiappa E. M. Echocardiographic Anatomy in the Fetus

Echocardiographic Anatomy in the Fetus

Whether in fetal or postnatal life, echocardiographic diagnosis is based on moving images. With recent advances in ultrasound systems, storing multiple digital frames and clips with superb image quality has become a reality. These advances have brought innovative applications into the clinical field and can be integrated into powerful multimedia presentations for teaching purposes. Sections of cardiac specimens are usually compared with corresponding sections in echocardiography textbooks. These sections are mainly obtained from isolated hearts, due to ease and speed of acquisition. Nevertheless, sections of the whole body are a better tool with which to understand the relationship between cardiac and extracardiac structures. This understanding is particularly important in fetal echocardiography, where the number of visible structures around the heart is much greater and the approaches to the fetal thorax are more variable. The DVD accompanying the book presents morphological images from tomographic sections of the whole fetal body, as well as high-quality dynamic echocardiographic images of normal fetuses and of some of the most common congenital heart defects. The extraordinary amount of information provided in this work makes this publication a highly useful resource for obstetricians, sonographers, and pediatric cardiologists.

Creasy R. K. Maternal-Fetal Medecine

Maternal-Fetal Medecine

Minimize complications with Creasy and Resnik’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine. This medical reference book puts the most recent advances in basic science, clinical diagnosis, and management at your fingertips, equipping you with the up-to date evidence-based guidelines and knowledge you need to ensure the best possible outcomes in maternal-fetal medicine.

Cruz L. M. R. Lactation: Natural Processes, Physiological Responses and Role in Maternity

Lactation: Natural Processes, Physiological Responses and Role in Maternity

The primary function of the mammary gland is to provide nutrition for the young in the form of milk protein and fat. However, there are other benefits that are provided by lactation, such as the provision of immune factors that are secreted into the milk, which provide protection from infection. In this book, the authors discuss the natural processes, physiological response and role in maternity of lactation. Topics include gene expression in the mammary gland; human milk oligosaccharides and their health effects; the role of micro-RNAs in the lactation process; hormonal control of lactation, the role of breastfeeding in lactation; and Wnt signaling and ultrasound in lactation.

Cundiff G. W. Te Linde’s Atlas of gynecologic surgery

Te Linde’s Atlas of gynecologic surgery

As the field of gynecologic surgery evolves at a rapid pace, stay ahead of the crowd with Te Linde’s Atlas of Gynecologic Surgery, your foremost guide to pelvic anatomy and surgical technologies. Perfect for both gynecologists-in-training and veteran physicians, this tome of information imparts the latest novel techniques that will keep your practice on the industry’s cutting edge. Whether you’re just getting started, looking to hone your surgical techniques, or simply searching for an outstanding guide to keep your memory fresh — this text will help you gain mastery of the latest developments in gynecologic surgery.

Darby W. J. Nutrition in pregnancy and lactation

Nutrition in pregnancy and lactation

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